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FLOA is the source of information for lacrosse referees for boys lacrosse in Central Florida. Navigate the site using the links above if you want to get started with us as a boys lacrosse referee. Click the button below to learn more about FLOA.

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Field Clinic Training

We have a big field clinic coming up! It’s scheduled for December 15th. This will be a field clinic in which we do both classroom instruction and practical application on the field. This is a great opportunity for less experienced officials to mix it up with guys who have 10, 20, even 30 years of experience. We have some instructors coming in from the college ranks as well, some of which are in high ranking positions within NILOA. This is for experienced officials as well. You will be with your peers and have opportunity to share insights and experiences, and pick up small items to fine tune your game. Everyone is welcomed.

Location is Trinity Prep High School

Time will be 9:45 am – 4 pm.

This satisfies the US Lacrosse and FLOA minimum training requirement of 6 hours, and lunch will be provided.

You can register for the Field Clinic by clicking on the Registration tab.

View all the training dates scheduled between now and the beginning of the 2019 season by clicking the Important Docs link and opening the Upcoming Training Dates document.