Florida Lacrosse Officials Association

FLOA is the source of information for lacrosse referees for boys lacrosse in Central Florida. Navigate the site using the links above if you want to get started with us as a boys lacrosse referee. Click the button below to learn more about FLOA.

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About Us

Florida Lacrosse Officials Association (FLOA) is the original boys lacrosse officiating association in Florida and has operated as an incorporated entity for approximately 15 years. Currently, FLOA operates as the sole provider of lacrosse referees to high schools, youth leagues, and off-season leagues and tournaments to all of Central Florida, including Orange County, Seminole County, Brevard County, and several other smaller counties with programs that are just beginning as the sport continues to expand throughout the state of Florida. We currently cover all areas from just west of Orlando all the way across to Melbourne and the coastal areas.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of lacrosse reffing in Central Florida while continuing to expand to meet the needs of the sport as it grows throughout the state.

We currently provide officials for all Varsity High School, Junior Varsity High School, middle school youth, lightning, and bantam games in our area. We also provide officials for summer tournaments and leagues, fall ball tournaments and leagues, and winter tournaments across the state including South Florida, Tampa, and North Florida. Within our association, we have members of all levels, ranging from beginners to those who have been officiating for 30 years. We have a solid population of college certified NILOA referees officiating everything from the collegiate club games to D1 and even professional.

All of the referees that comprise our membership are independent contractors. This is to say that each individual chooses to work at his own discretion. They can accept or deny as many games as are offered to them and can choose to stop working at any time and for any reason without repercussion. All members fall under the FLOA charter and its bylaws and are subject to the review of the association board with regard to performance and behavior.

All officials are paid as independent contractors/vendors, meaning they receive 1099 forms for tax purposes. If you are not familiar with this format, you may want to research how this works, but the most important detail is that FLOA pays you, but does not take out any taxes. This responsibility lies with you, as the contractor. The association typically has 2 meetings per year, both of which are mandatory. The first comes just before the start of the varsity season and the second is scheduled between summer and fall tournament seasons. All members should expect to make every effort to attend these meetings.

FLOA is committed to training and improvement. We currently work with other associations to provide opportunities to work with high level referees from around the country as well as attend training sessions that are offered both locally and within a couple hours driving distance (Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami). Every official in our association is expected to commit to studying, learning, and demonstrating a thorough understanding of the rules of the game as well as attending training to enhance this commitment.